Monday 18 April 2011

Supporting both Hudson & Jenkins - Part 3: The Release process

The release process is actually fairly simple even though it is not a one click process. I normally does the Hudson release first because then I can validate things in the nexus staging repository.

My development environment is set up so that I have my SCM (bitbucket) credentials, and the repository credentials, such that I do not need to provide them in the process.

Step Zero: Prerequisites
Make sure that everything you have is committed and you have performed a "mvn clean release:clean"

Step One: Running release prepare
Simply run "mvn release:prepare". I usually run it in interactive mode and answers the version questions, but you can add parameters to run it in batch mode.

Step Two: Save the file
Now you actually need to run release:perform twice once per profile, but Maven cleans up the directory after the first release perform. Therefore you must provide extra parameters to the second release:perform.

You will need to look at the documentation on which parameters to specify, maybe you can get lucky and only specify "tag". I however use another short cut, the that release:prepare generated contains all the needed information, so I save this by making a copy outside the project directory

Step Tree: Do the Hudson release
Now that you have taken note of the needed properties or simply saved the file, run "mvn release:perform -Phudson-publish"
Now the plug-in should be in the nexus OSS staging repository. Verify and release it as described here

Step Four: Do the Jenkins release
Now copy the back into the project directory and run "mvn release:perform -Pjenkins-publish"

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