Monday, 18 April 2011

Supporting both Hudson & Jenkins - Part 4: Post release work

After you have done the release there is a couple of tasks left in order for everything to work cleanly.

Create a stub page on the Hudson wiki.
Go here and create a child page
- Make sure to add the hudson-plugin-info and excerpt macro.
- Add labels to the page for correct groupin
- Add a reference to where the plugin is hosted.

You can take a look at Project Health Report Plugin as an example

Create a stub page on the Jenkins wiki
Go here and create a child page. You should follow the same convention as on the Hudson wiki, except that the project info macro is now called jenkins-plugin-info. An example is here.

Announce the plug-in
Announce the plug-in on the hudson and jenkins developer list. Be sure to mention it is hosted elsewhere because both projects need to adjust their update centre script.

This is because their scripts try to match the wiki url from the pom with their respective wikis in order to provide a link and description in the update centre. When it can't find the wiki page, the information will be blank.

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