Sunday 31 July 2011

Announcing the first version of "Hudson Maven Repository Server Plugin"

One of the things I highlighted under "the bad" during my review of the new Maven 3 Integration in Hudson 2.1 was the fact that the "Jenkins Maven repository Server" did not work with it.

This is of course still true but now the first version of the Hudson equivalent has been released. Since it is the first version, my focus has been on making it work in our own pipeline leaving the extra stuff for later. This means

  • It only supports normal free-style jobs not multi-configuration
  • There is no repository chain or git commit functionality, only direct build by number
  • metadata.xml is not created. 
The last item can cause you some issues, as I have seen maven think its local version is newer than the repository version when it cannot find the metadata, so I advice you to manually remove/clean the old artifacts away.

I hope to support both multi-configuration projects and metadata files in the next version, but they might require core changes.

The plugin has gone through the staging in Sonatype's OSS nexus, so it should appear in maven central and the hudson update site shortly.

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