About me

I am a IT-consultant from Copenhagen, Denmark.  I have 10+ year of professional experience. My main focus over the years have been Java development but I have also coded in .NET, C++, ASP etc. Lately I have become more involved in the Continuous Integration and Deployment part of software development and many times finds myself in the space between development team and deployment/operations team.

I am currently working for Maersk Line IT (part of A.P. Moller - Maersk Group) as "Technical lead for Continuous Integration and Deployment" within the SOA Integration Services.  In short it is my responsibility that our deployment pipeline is running smoothly and we put tools such as Hudson, Nexus, Sonar to the best use.

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Open Source Software
I have been involved with open source software since Netscape open sourced their browser. Back then I wrote a small Java application called MozillaTranslator which allowed non-developers to translate Mozilla to other languages. After a few years (can't really remember the exact time) I gave up on the project because of personal time constraints.

I became involved in Hudson (back then there was only Hudson) when I needed better support for ClearCase UCM. Since then I have mainly done patches to various plug-ins and written two of my own.

My Github repositories which is mostly used for patches to Hudson/Jenkins plug-ins.
My BitBucket repositories where I host my own Hudson/Jenkins plug-ins.
My Linkedin Profile.

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